Brisbane - The World's Most Liveable City!
Brisbane seems to have everything going for it- set on the banks of the mighty river that shares the same name it enjoys hot summers and mild winters and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia. Its no wonder that everyone wants to move here- in fact the Queensland capital is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Regularly voted one of the most liveable places on the globe, it seems no one has anything bad to say about Brisbane. With so much to do within its limits, and so much to see whichever direction you travel away from it, a holiday here is going to be an experience of a life time. Who knows, if dragging yourself home proves too hard you may just up end settling here... everyone else seems to be doing it!

The city is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, a modern and world class city with its feet firmly planted on the ground. Here you can expect everything a large metropolis provides, except in Brisbane the locals are friendlier and everyone has a smile for you. At the heart of the city lies Queens Street Mall, an open air shopping precinct whose uncluttered feel is one of the characterising features of the CBD. Enjoy wandering past heritage buildings and taking in the river scenery whilst hunting down that elusive bargain, or put your feet up in one of the pubs and restaurants that line the mall.

Across the river from the CBD lies Southbank Parklands, a unique area normally remembered for its artificial beach. Here you can sun yourself on the sandy shores of a blue lagoon, with skyscrapers towering above you and the Brisbane River flowing past just metres away. Vast and well maintained gardens surround you, so why not make a day of it and use the picnic and barbeque facilities? A short walk away lies the Cultural Centre, where you can browse through the exhibits of the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, or enjoy a play or a show at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. To complete satisfy those cultural cravings round your day off with a visit to the Queensland Museum, an innovative and exciting museum that can offer hours of fun and education.

If its city views you're after then there are two stand-out options. The first is to take a drive to the top of Mt. Cootha, at the top of which there is a viewing platform with a restaurant and bar operating nearby. From here the whole city lies spread out before you, a splendid sight in the evening times when the sun is sinking and the city lights are starting to come on. The second option involves a touch more exertion, but is equally if not more rewarding. The Story Bridge is an amazing feat of architecture, and there are adventure tours available where a guide takes you to the highest point of the bridge, giving commentary on the history of the city along the way. The views of the river below and the city around you are stunning, and the effort of walking to the top is well worth it. Sunset and sunrise tours are the most popular, so if you want to go at either of these times its best to book in advance.

Within easy reach of Brisbane lies two of the most stunning coastlines in the world. An hour south is the Gold Coast, infamous for its pristine beaches and the skyscrapers of Surfers Paradise that line the sandy shores of that suburb. Glitzy and glamourous, the Gold Coast combines city and coast in an unique combination to create a fun and exciting holiday destination. The Sunshine Coast, which is an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane, is slightly more subdued and quiet but no less beautiful than the Goldy. Building height restrictions have kept the coastline more natural, and there is a laid back and relaxed atmosphere here that cant be imitated.

With all these things and more to do in Brisbane, your visit is destined to be packed full of fun and adventure. Accommodation is easy enough to organise, but in busy seasons make sure to book in advance so as to avoid disappointment. This is especially important if you choose to coincide your holiday with large events such as the Riverfire Festival. A hirecar from Rent New Cars will give you the freedom to explore the city, and to exercise your sense of adventure and strike out for some of the nearlying attractions. With so much to do within a couple of hours drive of the city you can be kept entertained for weeks!

Gavin Wyatt