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Airport Fees and Liability Reduction!
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What is Included in Your Quote:

Free additional driver
Comprehensive vehicle insurance (excess applies)
GST (tax)
Airport surcharge fees (taxes)
Vehicle registration fee
Administration fee
Unlimited kilometers (except full size 4WD, 12 Seater, Remote, Country Locations)
One-Way Surcharge (only when applicable)

Save on One-Way Rentals

There is no One-Way Surcharge for rentals between major metropolitan centres when booked through this website (must meet a minimum rental period). Rentals that do have a one-way fee on our site are STILL usually cheaper.

Discounted insurance Liability Reduction

Your daily rental rate already includes comprehensive insurance but, just like your home or your own car, there is an Excess. (Amount you would have to pay out if you had an accident.)

The normal surcharge to reduce this excess is between $24 - $28 per day, but if you take out Max Cover when booking on our website you will pay between $12-$20 per day for the exact same cover. (When comparing to the Pre Pay Option)

No Airport Surcharge

Yes incredible but True. Check out our prices for City Pickups compared to Airport Pickups and you will be pleasantly surprised. Rentnewcars subsidise the rates so there are no extra fees for picking up at an Airport Location. No need to catch a taxi to avoid the surcharge!

No Credit Card Fees

Thatís right, we do not charge a Credit Card Surcharge, but every single Car Rental branch will charge you between 1.75-4.5% surcharge for any amounts you pay on pickup. Why not take advantage of our Pre pay and Max Cover options and save? (Some things must be paid to the branches on pickup such as One Way fees, Baby Seats and Age surcharge)

Pre Pay and Save!

We give you the Benefit of choosing how you want to pay for your rental. Three (3) options are available: Deposit only, Pre-pay daily rate, or Pre-Pay including Excess Reduction (Max Cover).

But Remember that to maximise your savings go for the MAX COVER -you will Save on: Credit Card Fees, Airport Surcharges, Liability or Excess Reduction. Not to mention the time this will save on paperwork when you pickup your vehicle.

21-24 year Old Benefits